ZentaChain is a decentralized, high-throughput blockchain ecosystem, designed for secure transactions and storage.

The ecosystem holds all necessary building blocks for creating and hosting scalable decentralized applications and distributed services.

It´s 5-tier architecture is composed out of five logical layers, each with a dedicated function.

Smart Contract

Why does ZentaChain use Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are pieces of software that allow electronic devices, like nodes in a network, to automatically create and execute contracts without human intervention.

Smart contracts that are written on the blockchain are immune to being altered or tampered with and can contain a variety of tasks from data transfers to payment transactions.

ZentaChain uses smart contracts to accelerate and automate processes that are needed to run dApps and maintain the network.

Power of ZentaChain

ZentaChain’s vision is a highly effective, decentralized network that is faster and more secure than any service available today. For ZentaChain to handle the massive amounts of data traveling through the network at any second, sharding is utilized, so that the current block on the ZentaChain blockchain can be mined quicker and more efficiently. With sharding, we can split a single block into multiple shards, and piece them back together once every piece has been mined.

Zentalk is a highly encrypted peer-to-peer messaging service. Zentalk system allows for two party’s to privately communicate through the use of encrypted messages. Zentalk security and encryption is guaranteed through the integration of mesh-networking technology.

Zentavault is our cutting edge, secure data storage system. It is designed to allow the consumer to safely and privately store large amounts of data on the InterPlanetary File System. It does so while achieving high-speed data transfers through the integration of network sharding, ensuring seamless data relay at all times. Our service is an encryption delivery vehicle, in which data can be encrypted then filed securely on IPFS.

Zentavault stores nothing locally. You are the only person with access to your data.

ZentaChain doesn’t have centralized servers or backup databases and we will never track our users. Our services offer full encryption as well as IPFS and MeshNet integration. By implementing these technologies, ZentaChain becomes the ideal solution for securing your privacy and data.

The Problem

What is The Problem?

In the past two decades, mostly due to the impact internet has had on our everyday life, the question of preserving an individual’s right to privacy has broadened from our physical to our digital environment. The famous quote “Knowledge is Power”, translates more to “Data is Power” in today’s world, as we continue pouring our personal information into proverbial “gold-mines” that attract, not just hackers and ill-meaning individuals, but also companies and conglomerates seemingly operating completely by the law.

On one hand, we are being targeted, for our identities, our credit card numbers, digital assets, etc., while on the other, we ourselves are handing over our information in exchange for more comfortable user experience. Although measures are being implemented to protect the users, their influence and level of execution still raise a lot of questions. Weak and inefficient country administrations have allowed for dubious practices by companies who gather their users’ data, effectively giving them free reigns to handle our information at their complete discretion.

ZentaChain’s Solution

ZentaChain itself is a high-throughput blockchain platform designed for hosting and scaling of privacy services in a fast and reliable way

ZentaChain aims to offer widely available services to solve the privacy and security problems of today. This is why our team will be releasing Zentalk and Zentavault, designed specifically to utilize the ZentaChain ecosystem.

Zentalk is a highly encrypted messenger service that combines the crucial technologies of smart contracts and mesh networking. Through written smart contracts the software rules and code can never be altered or tampered with. When using Zentalk, encryption is guaranteed through MeshNet integration. This technology makes Zentalk completely censorship resistant and gives users the ability to create their own secure personal networks.

Through Zentalk, ZentaChain can guarantee consumer privacy and peace of mind while using one of the most secure messenger services on the market.

Zentavault is our highly secure data storage service for the protection of personal content. Unlike other cloud services, Zentavault doesn’t have a centralized server, thus eliminating any single points of failure. More impressively, even ZentaChain team members will not be able to access the consumers’ personal data.

Zentavault will encrypt and distribute your data, making it absolutely protected by using Zentagate to IPFS to create an associative memory strategy for sharing and storage of that data. Only a secured password key can be used to unlock and reassemble the user’s content.

ZentaChain development team will continuously evolve our services in order to adapt and overcome all privacy threats. ZentaChain is the solution for the future of safeguarding data.

ZentaChain and Sharding

Sharding technique is used to increase network processing capacity, which means that by partitioning a large database into smaller fragments, data can be then processed in parallel. This is one of the most viable ways, in both centralized and decentralized systems, for addressing the scalability issues.

Sharding scalability technology specifically allows for the fracture of blockchain network blocks, dividing and multiplying them into many smaller blocks. These divided blocks are referred to as Shards. These Shards are then able to become their own mini processing blocks, with the same computational power as their larger and more complete counterparts. This means more blocks are able to process more transactions, which in turn leads to higher throughput and increased TPS (transactions per second).

Network blocks can be Sharded (multiplied) many times to meet the transactional requirements of a blockchain. The more times a network is Sharded, the more transactions can be processed.


Private messenger

Zentalk is an entirely encrypted Peer-to-Peer messaging service hosted on the ZentaChain platform. Zentalk is designed to be completely private, secure and most importantly – censorship resistant.

Unlike other messenger services, Zentalk doesn’t store or backup your data. It enables people to communicate privately, without third party dependence, centralized servers or secret data backups.

Zentalk achieves its top-tier encryption and privacy standards through the integration of Mesh Networking technology. This gives Zentalk the unique advantage of being virtually immune against any forms of hacking or data manipulation

The Zentachain development team is committed to protecting your integrity by providing you with the absolute highest quality in safeguard technology.

Zentalk Web Version 1.1 Beta



  • In case of emergency, the user is able to stay connected to Zentalk without having internet access. (Offline to Offline)
  • Zentalk will execute first-class encryption while sending and receiving messages. Only the sender and recipient can view private messages (E-to-E).
  • Mesh Network, also known as MeshNet, is an alternative to the internet’s centralized authority.
  • Every device on the network becomes its own wireless provider meaning that no ISP is required for MeshNet.

Zentavault is a new type of private data storage aimed at revolutionizing the cloud storage service space.

Cloud servers and modern data storage services rely on centralized storage systems. These act as a sort of mega hard drives and are known to contain flaws in their security and privacy protocols. Your data can potentially be logged and accessed by either service providers or unwelcomed third parties.

We have created a service that acts as an encryption delivery vehicle, which can securely distribute data on the InterPlanetary File System by using the Zentagateway. This state of the art encryption and file sorting service utilizes the ZentaChain ecosystem.

Zentavault doesn’t have a central storage facility or a backup database. You have full ownership of your data accessible only by the use of your personal private encryption key. Once your data is encrypted and stored it can stay in place indefinitely on IPFS until the need to access it arises.

It requires no monthly service fees. Instead, there is a small transaction fee to upload or download your data.

The ZentaChain development team is proud to offer this new and original alt tech storage service. The future of your privacy is Zentavault.

  • Zentavault is an encrypted data storage service focused on privacy, security and economic efficiency.
  • Zentavault is an encryption delivery vehicle for your private data, in which content can be stored indefinitely on IPFS. Zentavault uses the InterPlanetary File system to securely store personal data.
  • The user content is never stored locally nor does ZentaChain utilize any backup databases.
  • The user will always have full ownership of their content, accessible only with the use of their private encryption key.
  • Zentavault doesn’t charge users a monthly fee to store or retrieve their content, instead, the user only pays a small transaction fee to upload or download.
  • The ZentaChain development team is devoted to providing a secure environment for your data and giving you, the user, keys to the freedom of privacy.
Fast & Secure

Everything that occurs on ZentaChain is encrypted and distributed on different blocks of the blockchain.

Highly Scalable

Transactions can`t be deleted and are cross-checked by the entire network.

Blockchain with powerful scalability.

Reliable & Low Cost

Send money across borders quickly, for a fraction of a cent.


Token Sale

No BonusHard Cap$10M
Join Our ICO
Sale Start at :
  • Specifications ZENTA
  • Token Symbol ZENTA
  • Token Sale Start Exact date is not known yet
  • Token Sale End Exact date is not known yet
  • Max circulating supply 260,514,201
  • Tokens for sale 156,308,520
  • Token Price $0.0 USD
  • Sale duration 45 Days

Token Allocation

4% Marketing
15% Mining
14% Dev Team
7% Advisor
60% Token Sale

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales-Soon

Road Map

2018 Q2
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Finding
2018 Q2
  • Vison
  • Strategic Plan
2018 Q3
Design & Homepage
  • Release the official website
  • Roadmap Release
2018 Q3
  • Financing & Marketing
2018 Q4
Development Zetachain
  • Zentachain development
  • Getting new Team member
  • Testing the new members
  • Creating ZENTA Token
  • Smart contract IPFS
  • Whitepaper Release LG-V
2018 Q4
Testnet & Marketing
  • Developers testing
  • Marketing phase 2
  • Testnet Zentalk
2019 Q1
Zenta & Zentalk
  • Testing on Rinkeby-Network
  • Start development of Zentalk
  • Network Light-Nodes Development
  • Meshnetwork Performance Testing
  • Zentawallet
  • Zentaexplorer
2019 Q3
Public-Sale ICO & Zentalk
  • Zentadex
  • Deploy ZENTA Token
  • Bringing ZENTA Token on Exchanges.
  • Security scanning Zentalk
  • Zentalk on Play Store (Android version)
2019 Q4
Zentavault & Roadmap
  • Starting Zentavault
  • Go-IPFS&Zentagate
  • Fixing ZENTA on IPFS
  • Roadmap update
The ZentaChain Team

Executive team

ZentaChain team is a collective of activists and blockchain enthusiasts aiming to become a small but valuable block in the foundation of what we hope will be a safer, fairer and altogether a better world of the future. Through our knowledge and the use of blockchain technology, we will offer the public a range of products that will ensure their privacy and security of their data in a time when these aspect of online engagement are severely lacking. We view the blockchain as an ideal tool which, if used correctly, can set in motion the wheels of progress.

Harun Kacemer

CEO & Founder,

Lead Dev,Python,C++,


Daniel Wale

Chief Marketing Officer,

Social media  & PR,

Graphic animator.


Zentalk developer,



Göktas Polat

Chief Advisor,

Advisor Technical Writer,

Community Manager.

Musa Mani

Technical Management,

Python, HTML, CSS,

Technical support.

Safi Razagh


Advisor Technical Writer,

Community Manager.

Berrag Zakariae



Sticker Designer.

Muhammed Ali


Community manager,

Social Media.


Frequently asked questions

ZentaChain is a high-throughput blockchain platform, designed to host top tier privacy services. ZentaChain integrates high end encryption and censorship resistant technologies into all services.

Zentavault is a highly encrypted distributed storage service, which will be hosted on the ZentaChain network. Zentavault has no centralized storage system instead, it acts as an encrypting delivery vehicle with the ability to dynamically distribute encrypted content on the InterPlanetary File System.

Zentalk is a highly encrypted Peer-to-Peer messenger service, hosted on the ZentaChain network. Zentalk will utilize Mesh Networking to insure secure and encrypted communication.

InterPlanetary File System is an open source project used for distributed file sharing, comparable to that of the World Wide Web. Content uploaded and hosted on IPFS becomes highly standardized and immutable, meaning it can’t be changed or altered. IPFS doesn’t rely on centralized servers to host or store content instead, IPFS is able to transform regular computational devices into nodes to distribute network data.

Mesh Network, also known as MeshNet, is an internet alternative with zero centralized authority. Mesh Networking allows computers and devices to become network nodes, interconnecting with one another creating a chain or web network. Censorship resistance and encryption are two unique features of Mesh Networking. Users can anonymously send and receive encrypted data and if one network is blocked or removed the neighboring networks will take notice and reroute data accordingly.

• Whitepaper • Blog • Telegram • Youtube • Twitter • Reddit • Medium • Linkedin

Yes Zentachain will be created using Ethereum and erc20 technical standard.

ZENTA is an ERC20 Token and can be stored on an Ethereum based online wallet such as MyEtherWallet or Metamask. Using the Ethereum application, ZENTA can also be stored on the Zentawallet on our own wallet.

60% Token Sale 7% Advisor 14% Development 4% Marketing 15% Mining

Name:ZENTA Symbol:ZENTA Adress:

The price per ZENTA Token published before the sale starts.

At this time no exact date is set.

No, as of today citizens of the US can not participant in an ICO, as per US law.

Ethereum will be the only form of tender excepted for ZentaChain’s ICO.

ZENTA Token will be listed on its first exchange 2-4 weeks after ICO.

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