$CHAIN Network

Telecom of the Future

Layer 2

Chain network is a powerful Layer 2 solution for the Telecom ecosystem, building on the OP stack. It represents a decentralized network of nodes that will be used to provide a secure, reliable network for Telecom services. The $CHAIN L2 Network introduces a new scaling approach for CHAIN, enhancing its capabilities and efficiency.


Experience the future of connectivity with Chain network's state-of-the-art Telecom and IoT solutions. Our platform seamlessly integrates advanced telecommunications with the innovative world of IoT, creating a network that's not only faster and more reliable but also smarter and more adaptable to the changing needs of the digital world.


Chain network offers a Layer 2 (L2) solution within the CHAIN ecosystem, enhancing scalability and efficiency atop Layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum or Polygon. This integration delivers quicker transactions, lower fees, and improved performance for applications in Telecom and IoT, overcoming the limitations inherent in Layer 1 networks.


Our platform leads the way in open-source innovation, meticulously crafted on Optimism's renowned open-source OP Stack. This strategic choice symbolizes more than a technological leap; it reflects our commitment to the transformative power of open-source collaboration in advancing technological frontiers.

CHAIN Network


High Throughput

Chain network, enhanced with IoT and Telecom features, empowers telecom providers to create advanced decentralized apps. It streamlines operations like fund transfers, smart contract execution, and accessing network data. Zentamesh, a key component, optimizes data exchange by broadcasting CHAIN data across Zentanodes, ensuring reliable, offline-compatible communication with high throughput and low fees.

OP Token
Binance OP

Built with Excellence

Chain network is constructed using the best in the blockchain field: BASE, OP, and opBNB, ensuring a robust and high-performing ecosystem.

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Discover the dynamic and robust ecosystem of Chain network. This section presents a thorough overview of the interconnected suite of applications, tools, and integrations that form the backbone of the CHAIN and Telecom Builder landscape. Learn how our ecosystem fosters innovation, supports growth, and empowers users with cutting-edge technology.



Dive into the comprehensive world of Chain network with our extensive documentation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, our guides, tutorials, and technical resources provide all you need to master our platform. Uncover the intricate details of Chain network's features and capabilities, and embark on a journey to technological mastery.

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