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Information obligation according to §5 e-commerce law, §14 company code, §63 trade regulations and disclosure obligation according to §25 media law.

Zentachain GmbH

  1. Friedrichstrasse 171, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  2. Commercial Register
  3. HRB 242677 B
  4. [email protected]
  5. VAT ID: DE363535928
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Managing Director

— Harun Kacemer, CEO & Founder

Purpose of the company

IT service of software development, blockchain programming, and consulting of networks such as e.g. B. of telecommunications networks, IoT networks as well as research on technology of telecommunications, blockchain networks and in particular trading of IoT devices from computer hardware and parts such as e.g. B. computer borders, chips, antennas, displays and modules.

Data Protection

If you have any questions about data protection, you will find the contact details of the person or position responsible below:

    State Commissioner

  1. Maja Smoltczyk
  2. Friedrichstraße 219, 10969 Berlin, Germany
  3. +4930/138 89-0
  4. [email protected]
  5. Datenschutz-Berlin

EU Dispute

In accordance with the regulation on online dispute resolution in consumer matters (ODR regulation), we would like to inform you about the online dispute resolution platform (OS platform).

Consumers have the option of submitting complaints to the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform at: EU-Dispute

However, we would like to point out that we are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute settlement procedures before a consumer arbitration board.

Liability Links

Zentachain website contains links to other websites for which we are not responsible.

We are not liable for linked websites, since we were not and have no knowledge of illegal activities, we have not noticed any such illegal activities and we would remove links immediately if we became aware of illegal activities.

If you notice illegal links on our website, please contact us: Contact-Us

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