Frequently asked questions

Are the ideas and the whitepaper original?
Zentachain takes the right that everything written in the whitepaper is based on the knowledge of Zentachain and no one is allowed to copy and manipulate a text or images and then spread false information about Zentachain.
Does Zentachain have a minimum viable product?
Zentachain has many products. These are Zentalk, Zentavault, Zentawallet, Zentaswap etc.
What is the different parts of Zentachain?
Zentachain, which we put forward by thinking that communication is the most important thing in the world, is very different, much safer than other projects. In a situation where people's freedom is restricted and their private information is used in bad faith without their knowledge, Zentachain has emerged as a solution to these major problems.
Is there any airdrop or bounty campaign?
No, we didn't do an airdrop and bounty campaign and we don't intend to do.
Where can I download the Zentalk dApp?
As soon as it is available you can download it from the official Website.
How to get Zenta Rewards on Zentalk?
Zentachain will reward all Zentanode holders on the network each month. There will be no difficulties in the network, and Zenta rewards will be fixed and obvious. A user has only to do is by running the Zentanode for the efficient operation of the Zentameshnet. That means you will need to host a Zentanode and run it permanently. For more information please check Zentanodes.
How do we ensure your safety while using Zentalk?
Zentalk achieves its privacy and security through the integration of Zentameshnet. Zentameshnet is known as one of the safest and most reliable variations of networking available. Zentameshnet technology is powerful, has excellent load distribution, and contains zero central administration. It is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network.
What is the RSA Algorithm in Cryptography?
RSA algorithm is an asymmetric cryptography algorithm. Asymmetric actually means that it works on two different keys i.e. Public Key and Private Key. As the name describes that the Public Key is given to everyone and the Private key is kept private.
What is Zentanetwork?
Zentanetwork is a forkless PoS blockchain for communication and data storage. The construction of a fork-free blockchain with Substrate enables Zentalk and Zentavault to make the perfect provision for our ecosystem.
Why did you choose Substrate?
Because, Substrate makes building a blockchain faster, easier, and safer than ever before. For more information visit the Substrate website.
What is the measure you have taken for the 51% attack?
First of all, the Zentachain team will hold and stake at least 51% of the total amount of Zenta. Therefore, we will not be exposed to this attack. With a PoS, the attacker needs to obtain 51% of the cryptocurrency to carry out a 51% attack. The proof of stake avoids this failure by making it disadvantageous for a miner with a 51% stake in a cryptocurrency to attack the network. Although it would be difficult and expensive to accumulate 51% of Zenta, a miner with 51% stake in the coin would not have it in his best interest to attack a network which he holds a majority share. If the value of the cryptocurrency falls, this means that the value of his holdings would also fall, and so the majority stake owner would be more incentivized to maintain a secure network.
Are employees going to be paid in tokens? If so, do they have a lockup period before they can sell in the open market?
Core members will not sell their tokens to support the Zentanetwork (Staking). Employees at Zentachain receive a normal monthly salary. (They will not receive Zenta)
Why do we need Zentavault?
Zentavault is a high-throughput encrypted and distributed file vault (encrypted storage) and transfer service. Unlike regular data storage systems, Zentavault will store nothing on the user's device. Zentavault acts as an encryption delivery tool, with the ability to encrypt and dynamically distribute content securely onto the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the World Wide Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository.
What is the role of IPFS for Zentavault?
IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System and it is an open-source, peer-to-peer distributed hypermedia protocol that aims to function as a ubiquitous file system for all computing devices. Zentavault is a decentralized IPFS cloud storage application that can store data in an encrypted and secure manner and it is the second application of Zentachain.
Why do we need IPFS?
IPFS is needed for ;Bandwidth, Latency, Being Offline, Censoring, Permanence, Self-Certified Filesystems - SFS
How much do users have to pay for using Zentavault?
Zentavault requires no monthly usage fees, there will be only a low transaction fee to upload data.