Mission Statement

Bringing the world together in a new way through networking and collaboration.

We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to the success of our clients.


Secure, Decentralized, & Scalable Communication


There is no doubt that decentralized networking is now becoming a significant part of our world, but it will also be used to access a variety of other products, just like the normal internet. Our goal with Zentachain is to provide an alternative to existing telecommunications networks, in order to provide customers with a new way to communicate. We are not only aiming to provide an alternative to telecommunications, but we are also launching an application called Zentalk, encrypted, decentralized, and highly secure messenger application.


Using our own decentralized network called Zentamesh, which has been in development for years, we create a new online network as well as an offline network that runs over several distances. A blockchain network knows that if a node goes offline, it can no longer be synchronized, but Zentachain has developed its own nodes called Zentanode Telecom Miner. With Zentanode also here an end was set these miners are the core of the network.

Highly Scalable

Zentachain's decentralized network is designed to be highly scalable, allowing for millions of users to connect and communicate securely and reliably. The use of Zentanode Telecom Miners ensures that the network can handle high volumes of traffic, without compromising on security or performance. Additionally, as more users join the network, the blockchain network grows in size and becomes more secure, making it an ideal solution for businesses, organizations, and individuals who require a scalable and secure communication platform.

Mission Fundamentals


Flexible Network

For telecommunications and data transfer, Zentachain believes that a flexible network is essential. For us here, flexible networks are also important for the network's spread.


Flexible Software

The interaction between the end user and the network should be as simple and easy as possible for the end user to be able to use it as well as interact with it.


Flexible Hardware

As a result of the flexibility in hardware, the user can achieve a fast startup. Hardware should never be too complex to build and should be easy to use.


Scalability and Performance

Zentachain values scalability to accommodate a growing user base and data transactions while maintaining performance.

Astro Zentachain

Instant Messaging

Unencrypted instant messenger services that are centralized and server-based are inherently flawed. An open source and decentralized instant messenger is our main goal.


Community Building

Among the most important aspects of Zentachain is that it provides companies and individuals with an open networking capability.


Research Growth

Zentachain must be able to interact independently without being dependent on centralized providers in order to grow successfully.

Zentachain Mission

Developing a User-Friendly Blockchain.

Zentachain is currently based on Ethereum and is developing its own Main-net known as Zentanetworks, a forkless Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus for communication. In addition to the telecommunications network, Zentachain is focused on building a blockchain that is easily updated like an application and will eventually be community-designed.

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