The boundaries of networking have crumbled

Self-healing capabilities

Zentamesh is a self-healing network. It can recover from any kind of failure, including a complete network outage.

Secure connections

Zentamesh uses end-to-end encryption to secure network with AES-256.


Zentamesh automatically configure your network, get started by just single click.

Direct Messages

Zentamesh allows you to send direct messages to your friends offline or online.

Distributed Node Network

In Zentamesh, the node owner receives Zentachain tokens in exchange for the availability of a node and for expanding the network. Zentamesh is a topology in which each network node relays data. Zero configuration solves many security and scalability problems that plague existing networks.


Unlimited Network

User can exchange an infinite amount of data transfer via the Zentamesh network thanks to the zero-server direct connection. Every node added to the network also makes the system more complex.


Zentamesh networks do not require additional routers. Rather than acting as a router and gateway, each node acts as its own router and gateway. As a result, you can easily and quickly change the network's size.

A simple & intelligent way to grow the network.

Nodes in the network ensure the network continues to grow, so an area can be covered with only a few nodes. Consider it a growing, decentralized intellectual network that grows as more nodes are added.

Advantages of Zentamesh


Lost connection

No more lost connection with your own network.



Application can be build on top of Zentamesh.



Zentamesh is a privacy-first network that is not a part of the internet.



Zentamesh is available 24/7 and 365 days a year with no downtime.



Zentamesh is accessible from anywhere in the world no matter where you are.


Expert teachers are ready to help.

Easy to use

Zentamesh is easy to use. You can start using it in a few minutes.

Real time

Real time sharing of data between nodes in the network.


Zentamesh is free to use. No fees are charged for using it.


Got questions?

We have answers. Check out our FAQ or reach out to us.

Is it really unlimited data transfer?

Yes, it is. User in don’t have to worry about data transfer limits. You can use as much data forward as you want.

Can I enter the network without a node?

Nodes are required to use the network. We have a store where you can buy a node.

What is the reason for the limited number of nodes?

The company itself doesn't like to put many nodes on the market, so once an area is covered, there will be no more deliveries.

Portable networking for the modern world with no limits.

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