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The Internet relies on centralized telecommunications services. A decentralized, infrastructure-free node for telecommunications has arrived.

Offline Networking

Despite the lack of an Internet connection, Zentanode can communicate through the network even when there is no Internet connection.

Single Button System

Oopssss, too complex, we don't like it, starting with a single 'Button' press and 0 configuration, now you're in charge of expanding the network.

Networking - today is tomorrow

Series 1

Gate to the new telecom mining era.

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The next chapter of Mining

CHAIN Mining

Off-chain mining is the next step in the evolution of mining.

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Fixed Rewards for Mining

Fixed Rewards

The Telecom miner that will never lose its value or power.

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All networks supported by one product.

Using Zentanode, setup your privacy whenever you want, whether you prefer centralized or decentralized openness networking, or private groups.

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Setup

  • No Software Install

  • Secured Networking

Zentanode device with a mining rig
The Decentralized

Multi-Solution for Privacy and IoT

Zentanode can be used with any mobile phone, tablet, or computer or as a stand-alone.

Zentanode mining rig
Communication doesn't

Need a Phone

Zentanode Telecom


Zentanode -Respect the Networking

Taking a look at telecom's next-generation mining technology.

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