Building large network from the ground up


Power of ZNode Network

Share your node with the world and earn passive income.


Become a node operator with Zentanode and earn passive income with Zentachain currency CHAIN token in exchange for your node connection with the world.


As more nodes are added to our network, the more secure it becomes, so you don't have to worry about unable to connect.


Unlike other networks, the network is decentralized, so there is no one who can control it or shut it down. It is free to use and open source.


You are in full control of your data, and no one will be able to take it away from you. Your data is encrypted, and no one can see it, and no one can access it.

Build & Launch

How it work?

A Zentanode's network is quite simple to understand.


Connec to your Zentanode

Connect to your Zentanode using the Zentanode CLI, BLE, Radio, 5G, Wifi or USB.


Customize your Zentanode

Customize your Zentanode to your needs under settings. (Privacy protection, data storage, gps, etc.)


Enable GPS

Connect with other Zentanodes by enabling GPS on your Zentanode.


100 % Safe and Secure encrypted network for your data and transfers.


100 % Offline storage for your data and files and access it from anywhere.


Data and network ownership are 100% yours, without third parties.


Mining of the Future

Routing Zentachain

Experience the future of mining with Zentanode. Our innovative approach not only supports the CHAIN ecosystem but also rewards our valued community members. Each month, Zentanode operators receive a fixed premium of CHAIN tokens as a token of appreciation for their contribution. What sets Zentanodes apart is their design for sustainability.

Unlike traditional mining operations that consume large amounts of electricity, Zentanodes operate off-CHAIN, focusing on data transfer without the hefty energy costs. With a limited number of Zentanodes available, their exclusivity is preserved, ensuring that their value is maintained over time. Join the Zentanode movement, where eco-friendly mining meets consistent rewards.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Common Answers

1. What is Zentanode?

Zentanode is the device that is developed by Zentachain to provide a secure and reliable decentralized network to communicate offline.

2. What is Zentamesh?

By routing traffic, Zentanodes use Zentamesh as the decentralized network for forwarding data and messages. Offline communication is enabled through Zentamesh.

3. Does Zentanode loss data?

It is stored as forwarding data or message until the Zentanode finds its connection again. It is sent to the destination once the connection has been established.

4. How does Zentanode work?

It is as simple as turning on your computer or phone, connecting your device to the Zentanode of your choice, and you are ready to go.

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