A Powerful network for data and communication

Zentalk sends and tunnels all messages and data through the Zentameshnet.

What you can do with $CHAIN

The Network

Zentanetwork is being developed to maintain offline communication in Zentameshnet. The consensus used by Zentanetwork is the Proof of stake (PoS) algorithm.

Whitelist Closed
  • Validate
  • Nominate
  • Cloud
  • Governance
  • Zentanode
  • Rewards
Our Values

We provide innovative technology for communication and data storage.

Building a fork-free network allows Zentalk and Zentavault to make the perfect provision for the ecosystem. Zentameshnet is the important part that allows Zentalk users to communicate offline 2 offline.


Validate in the network and become a part of our eco-system and produce new block.


No validator no problem with Zentanetwork you can also nominate for a Validator.


Store and send data directly via IPFS with a small transaction amount of CHAIN token.


The Zentanetwork will be placed in the hands of the community of Zentachain.


Become a host of the Z-Node and get massive rewards.


Be rewarded with CHAIN token by simply supporting the network by Staking