A Powerful network for data and communication

Zentalk sends and tunnels all messages and data through the Zentameshnet.

What you can do with Zentachain

Zentachain network

Zentanetwork is being developed to maintain offline communication in Zentameshnet. The consensus used by Zentanetwork is the Proof of stake (PoS) algorithm.

Public Trade
  • Validate
  • Nominate
  • Cloud
  • Governance
  • Zentanode
  • Rewards

We provide innovative technology for communication and data storage.

Building a fork-free network allows Zentalk and Zentavault to make the perfect provision for the ecosystem. Zentameshnet is the important part that allows Zentalk users to communicate offline 2 offline.


Validate in the network and become a part of our eco-system and produce new block.


No validator no problem with Zentanetwork you can also nominate for a Validator.


Store and send data directly via IPFS with a small transaction amount of CHAIN token.


The Zentanetwork will be placed in the hands of the community of Zentachain.


Become a host of the Z-Node and get massive rewards.


Be rewarded with CHAIN token by simply supporting the network by Staking