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Sharding Scalability Technology

Higher Throughput Blockchain

Zentacore will employ sharding to drastically improve on scalability and transaction speeds of the Ethereum blockchain. The easiest way to understand how sharding functions is to draw parallels with horizontal database partitioning. Imagine having a large database containing millions of records and trying to search for ones by containing only a certain attribute. From a technical perspective, this is a task that takes a significant amount of time to execute. However, if we were to partition the database into tables according to its attributes, it would decrease the search time, as only a single table would be queried in that case. The sharding solution is interconnected with the entire ZentaChain ecosystem and enables partitioning and storing of the entire blockchain within nodes (shards) which are then responsible for validating solely the transactions contained within them as opposed to each node having to process every single transaction on the blockchain.

What is Sharding?

The demand for scalability on the Ethereum becomes increasingly urgent. The Cryptokitties incident demonstrated how quickly the Ethereum network can prevent it. ZentaChain will use Sharding to establish a high TPS, future proof infrastructure. Understanding why ZentaChain uses Sharding: One of the major problems of a blockchain is that an increase in the number of nodes reduces its scalability. This may be counterintuitive because more nodes do not result in more power or speed, the opposite is true: One of the reasons why a blockchain has its level of security is because every single node must process every single transaction. This is like having your report checked by every single accountant in the company. While this may ensure that your report is faultless, it will also take a long time before you get it back and finally approved. Ethereum faces a similar problem. The nodes are your accountants and each transaction is your report.

The Zentameshnet

Zentameshnet has self-healing properties that contribute to the ability to achieve censorship resistance. Self-healing means that if a node connection is blocked or disabled, The meshed network can patch and reroute around the lost node. So that data is redirected and the network is still functional. Meshed networks can be applied to both wired and wireless networks and the Zentalk will establish a meshed WLAN (Wireless Local Access Network). This Zenta-MWLAN is achieved through the use of a node Meshed WiFi. This will be required for offline communication.It means that the ZentaChain token holder has the ability to establish and share a network uplink (online to offline) and establish communication with devices with no internet access (offline to offline). This can be accomplished with by little to no direct infrastructure. Running Zenta-nodes will be rewarded with Zenta tokens.

DPOS Algorithm

Delegated Proof of Stake also known as DPoS is a consensus algorithm maintaining irrefutable agreement on the truth across the network, validating transactions and acting as a form of digital democracy. Delegated proof of stake uses real-time voting combined with a social system of reputation to achieve consensus. It can be seen to be the least centralized consensus protocol compared to all others as it is the most inclusive. Every token holder can execute a degree of influence about what happens on the network. In other words: holding Zenta tokens will reward you with voting power and extra tokens.


Token Description
Blockchain: ​ERC20
Total Supply: 260.514.201 ZENTA
Token For Sale
Softcap Token Sale: $3.000.000
Hardcap Token Sale: $10.000.000
Tokens for Sale: 60% - 156.308.520
Mainnet: Own Blockchain DPOS
Price Calculation
Token price calculated with this
Formula: AverageETHprice


Staking & Mining: %15
Public Sale%60



Zentachain team is a collection of activists and blockchain enthusiasts aiming to become a small but valuable block in the foundation of what we hope will be a safer, fairer and altogether a better world of the future. Through our knowledge and the use of blockchain technology, and we will offer to the public a range of products that will ensure their privacy and security of their data in a time when these aspects of online engagement are severely lacking.

harun kacemer
Name: Harun Kacemer
CEO & Founder Lead Dev
Javascript & Python%91
Html & CSS & PHP%100
Solidity & Android%87
Name: Daniel Wale
Chief Marketing Officer
Writing Skills%89
Graphic & Video Designing%100
Musa mani
Name: Musa Mani
Chief Technology Officer
Html & CSS%90
Technical knowledge%96
Javascript & PHP%67
Name: Göktas Polat
Chief Advisor
Technical writing%71
Graphic Designing%60
Muhammed Ali
Name: Muhammed Ali
Advisor & Social Media
Writing Skills%62
German Supporter%80
Muhammed Ali
Name: 0xSha512
Zentalk developer
Java C# C++%94
Zentalk developer%100
Android & Networking%100
Geraldine Adi
Name: Geraldine Adi
PHP & MySql%81
Graphic Designing%80
Solidity & Android%74
Alfan Asyari
Name: Alfan Asyari
Advisor & Marketing
Writing Skills%82

Zenta Roadmap


The Zentachain Concept 2018 Q2

Strategic Planning & Processing
We Create The Zentachain Project

Development Zentachain 2018 Q4

Whitepaper Released
The Homepage Released
Roadmap Released
Testnet Zentalk Web

Zenta Token & Zentalk 2019 Q1

Starting Development Zentalk
Meshnet Performance
Rinkeby Network
Zenta Token Explorer
The Zentawallet Beta
zentachain zentalk

Zentalk & Zentadex 2019 Q3

Development the Zentadex
Deployed the Zenta Token
Updated Zentalk Web
Website is Redesigned
Tor & Blake2 Hashing Zentalk Mobile

Zentalk & Zenta Token 2020 Q1

Token Public Sale
Listing on Exchanges
Publishing the Zentawallet
Publishing the Zentadex
Publishing the Zentalk Mobile Version
zentachain wifi network

Zentavault & Zentaexplorer 2020 Q2

Publishing the Zentaexplorer
Deploying Zentalk-Web IPFS Tor-browser
Listing on more Exchanges
Development Zentavault
Zentavault IPFS

Zentamesh & Mainnet 2020 Q4

Zentamesh Stakingcube for Zentalk
Sharding on Zentablockchain
Swaping To Own Blockchain
Own Blockchain Dpos
Mining Zenta Token
Zentalk Network Nodes
Updating Roadmap