Decentralized Cloud


Zentavault is a new type of private data storage aimed to revolutionize the cloud storage service space. Cloud servers and modern data storage services rely on centralized storage systems. These act as a sort of mega hard drives and are known to contain flaws in their security and privacy protocols. Your data can potentially be logged and accessed by either service providers or unwelcomed third parties. We have created a service that acts as an encryption delivery vehicle, which can securely distribute data on the InterPlanetary File System by using the Zentagateway. This state of the art encryption and file sorting service utilizes the Zentachain ecosystem. Zentavault doesn't have a central storage facility or a backup database. You have full ownership of your data accessible only by the use of your personal private encryption key. Once your data is encrypted and stored it can stay in place indefinitely on IPFS until the need to access it arises. It requires no monthly service fees. Instead, there is a small transaction fee to upload or download your data. The Zentachain development team is proud to offer this new and original alt tech storage service. The future of your privacy is Zentavault.

Privacy Cloud

Zentavault is an encrypted data storage with focused on privacy, security and economic efficiency.

IPFS Encryption

Zentavault is an encryption delivery vehicle for your private data, in which content can be stored indefinitely on IPFS. Zentavault uses the InterPlanetary File system to securely store personal data.

Decentralized Vault

The user content is never stored locally nor does Zentachain utilize any backup databases.

Ownership Encryption-key

The user will always have full ownership of their content, it is accessible only with the use of their private encryption key.

No Users Costs

Zentavault doesn’t charge users a monthly fee to store or retrieve their content, instead, the user only pays a small transaction fee to upload or download.


Core-Functions of Zentavault

Zentavault is the second dApp to be released from the Zentachain application pipeline. Zentavault is a high through-put dApp, which is designed to be a highly encrypted and distributed storage service. This service will be hosted on the Zentachain platform. Zentachains dApps will never rely on centralized systems. And will absolutely never have any backup databases for users metadata. By doing this, Zentavault will exceed in confidentiality, anonymity and commercial performance. Zentavault does not require monthly usage fees, instead, there is only a small transaction fee to upload data. Zentavault is a file-encrypting and distribution vehicle. Putting the user behind the wheel and in control, to encrypt, store and share content by the way they choose. With Zentavault you can ensure your data is encrypted and embedded permanently onto the InterPlanetary File System, also referred to as IPFS. It is a tailored network that allows for content to be embedded and shared using an associative memory strategy. When content is on IPFS it is assigned a unique identifier, known as a cryptographic hash or hash Id. This can be used to locate the user's data or share it between two parties. Once your content is embedded onto IPFS, a hash Id is assigned to the file allowing a way to find or share content with others. By employing peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol technologies such as IPFS, Zentavault is able to achieve more expeditious, protected and accessible file storage and transfer service. This is the short version of Zentavault if you want to know more read our Whitepaper.

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