The Problem

The weak spots and the problem today

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The Problem

Need for secure interaction and digital data storage - owned by the initiator's Unauthorized data access ​and ​manipulation of information streams has always been a threat, only this threat is expanding ever since the first network was invented. Hackers can now attack you from numerous countries, different regions and multiple locations simultaneously.

If thats not bad enough, there are also multi-billion dollar corporations that have made a lucrative business out of logging, harvesting and selling your data.

sell your location history, messages, photos, documents, and even sell the profiles they created on you. Everything about you is up for auction to any corrupt organization throughout the world who wants this data, no matter how malicious their intentions are.

Some telcos may harvest on user data and actions. Regardless if they are regulated, and shouldnt do that, you can never assume they dont do that, perhaps theyll need it one day for training purposes.

Unencrypted, unsafe data storage Every transaction made on your device issued by your action on some digital medium is potentially logged and stored somewhere in a database or on a file server. It is very likely this at this data isnt properly encrypted or anonymized.

Services offered by social media companies and messaging applications advertise themselves as a "free service" that does not cost the consumer any money. Instead, these companies are enticing regular people to put all of their data and content online to be stored and sold to sleazy organizations that are known to be manipulative.

It is what it is, you pay for the service in data, not in terms of monthly fees. In the past two decades, mostly due to the impact the internet has had on our everyday life, the question of preserving individuals right to privacy has broadened from our physical to our digital environment.

The famous quote Knowledge is Power, translates more to Data is Power in today's world, as we continue pouring our personal information into proverbial gold-mines that attract, not just hackers and ill-meaning individuals, but also companies and conglomerates seemingly operating completely by the law.

On one hand, we are being targeted, for our identities, our credit card numbers, digital assets, etc., while on the other, we ourselves are handing over our information in exchange for more comfortable user experience.

Although measures are being implemented to protect the users, their influence and level of execution still raise a lot of questions.

Weak and inefficient country administrations have allowed for dubious practices by companies who gather their user's data, effectively giving them free reigns to handle our information at their complete discretion.

The Solution

Zentachain itself is a high-throughput blockchain platform designed for hosting and scaling of privacy services in a fast and reliable way Zentachain aims to offer widely available services to solve the privacy and security problems of today. This is why our team will be releasing Zentalk and Zentavault, designed specifically to utilize the Zentachain ecosystem. Zentalk is a highly encrypted messenger service that combines the crucial technologies of smart contracts and Zentamesh networking.

Through written smart contracts the software rules and code can never be altered or tampered with. When using Zentalk, encryption is guaranteed through Zentamesh integration. This technology makes Zentalk completely censorship-resistant and gives users the ability to create their own secure personal networks.

Through Zentalk, Zentachain can guarantee consumer privacy and peace of mind while using one of the most secure messenger services on the market. Zentavault is our highly secure data storage service for the protection of personal content. Unlike other cloud services, Zentavault doesn’t have a centralized server, thus eliminating any single points of failure.

More impressively, even Zentachain team members will not be able to access the consumers' personal data. Zentavault will encrypt and distribute your data, making it absolutely protected by using Zentagate to IPFS to create an associative memory strategy for sharing and storage of that data. Only a secure password key can be used to unlock and reassemble the user’s content. Zentachain development team will continuously evolve our services in order to adapt and overcome all privacy threats. Zentachain solutions is safeguarding data and communications.

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