The community network of the Zentachain

The purpose of the Katsumi project is to be a pure community-driven network.

What you can do with Katsumi

Katsumi network

Katsumi is the network that is called the pure community-driven network of Zentachain. It is much faster in the time phase in contrast to Zentanetwork. The consensus is the same by the Proof of stake (PoS) algorithm.

Public Trade
  • Lower Validate
  • Used for Trade-Hub
  • More Governance
  • Pure Network
  • Lower Rewards

Katsumi the innovation and the experimental network of Zentachain.

Katsumi is the early phase of Zentachain to analyze the future of Zentachain, also known as Zentanetwork, through experimentation.


Validate in the network and become a part of our eco-system and produce new block.


No validator no problem with Katsuminetwork you can also nominate for a Validator.


Store and send data directly via IPFS with a small transaction amount of KSI token.


The Katsuminetwork will be placed in the hands of the community of Zentachain.


With Katsumi you can participate in any trade, including whitelisted and private trades.


Be rewarded with KSI token by simply supporting the network by Bonding your KSI.