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Zentachain - Whitepaper Version 1.2

by Zentachain, January 3, 2020

Zentachain - Whitepaper Version 1.2

After a long period of work, we are publishing Zentachain Whitepaper Version 1.2 We have thought of every detail for you from beginning to end. As the Zentachain Team, security and anonymity have always been our primary goal. For all these purposes, we examined the highest level security algorithms and integrated them into Zenta ecosystem. Apart from that, we raised ourselves to the highest level in many subjects and became ready for 2020. We have never lost our interest and motivation since the day we first started. Of course, you are the biggest supporter of this. We hope that 2020 will bring success and happiness to us and our esteemed community.

Read The Whitepaper 1.2 (English)

Read The Whitepaper 1.2 (Turkish)

Thanks & Best Regards The Zentachain Team

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