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Cyber Warfare

by Zentachain, September 27, 2018

Cyber Warfare

The Internet is increasingly becoming a crime scene.Tampering, data theft and attacks on servers and control mechanisms in industrial plants are causing concern to security authorities around the world. Some examples:

Hackers crack corporate systems and CIA

In recent years, the international hacker group “Lulz Security” cracked the security systems of corporations, television stations and public institutions.These included the game console manufacturer Nintendo, the American television station PBS and the US Senate. Finally, they penetrated the systems of the electronics company Sony and even the Internet portal of the US Central Intelligence Agency. According to their own statements, the group does not pursue any political motives. “Lulz Security” explains that it’s all about “exposing vulnerabilities” and identifying security holes.

The first cyber war

Many computers in Estonia reported “denial of service” for weeks in spring of 2007. The reason was a massive hacker attack on the infrastructure of the country. An area-wide “e-mail bombardment” overloaded government computers and bank and company systems. The websites of financial institutions, ministries, parliament and media were no longer accessible. ATMs went on strike, emergency numbers no longer worked. At that time it was supposed that the attack originated ib Russia. The attack is considered to be the beginning of the first “cyberwar”.

Attack on Iranian nuclear facility

In June 2010, the Stuxnet virus attacked several Iranian industrial plants. It took control of the computer systems and systematically sabotaged them. Experts suggest that the virus was released on behalf of a certain government. Viruses like Stuxnet would also be able to attack and sabotage telecommunications systems, airports, ships or military installations. Such “cyber weapons” could become a vital part of warfare in the future.

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