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Our ICO will be postponed

by Zentachain, January 13, 2019

Today, the company Zentachain must make some important announcement:
1.) Pre Sale will be removed and public sale will be postponed to Q2
2.) Our ICO will be postponed to comply with the latest ICO rules.
3.) The Whitepaper is ready and will be published in a few hours

We want Zentachain to be a sustainable, long-term success story and avoid potential issues that might that trajectory. So after taking the advice of our advisor into consideration, the best path to take is to postpone the ICO, for now.

At the moment, we can’t announce a new starting date yet.
We’re still in discussions with our consultant
to see what the next steps are to fill all requirements.
We do foresee, however, that we’ll be able to launch the ICO sometime during Q2.

Thank you for your comprehension

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